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How do I change the logo for GMS Webmail?


How do I change the GMS Webmail logo?

You can also add up to three buttons next to the GMS Webmail logo, to do this look at Q0140.


The GMS Webmail icon shown in the top left corner can be changed on either a Global or Domain level.
There are two pages provided in the GUI to allow customisation of the GMS Webmail logo at both the System and Domain levels. These can be found under System.Customisation and Domains.Customisation respectively.

Three files:

webmailhead.htm – height 50 pixels
webmailsmallhead.htm – height 25 pixels
webmailaddressbookhead.htm – height 25 pixels

can be placed in the mml directory for a Global change or in the domain root directory for a domain specific change. These files specify some HTML to be shown.

If the HTML is used to refer to graphic files all gifs should be placed in the mml directory unless an external web server is used.

If the heights listed above are exceeded by any of the HTML to display then only the top portion is shown.

Examples can be found in the Option Pack on the Web site.

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