How do I change Gordano's port for WWW services?

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GMS includes its own web server to provide all configuration, webmail and as a standard web server. It can provide access through standard web (HTTP) and secure web (HTTPS).

By default GMS standard web server is not enabled and does not use port 80 (the default for web services). If you switch on the standard web server, it will use port 80 by default.

The entry refers to the case where you wish to use GMS standard web server AND another web server on the same machine. In this case, both web servers will attempt to use port 80 which causes a resource conflict. The result will be that each time the system starts, on or other server will provide the web service.

How can I resolve this problem?


All the ports for all services in GMS may be changed to non-standard ports. Further, Gordano’s web server can use specific ports attached to specific local IP addresses. There are several solutions…

Stop using Gordano’s standard web server
If you are happy to stop running the standard WWW service, you should deselect the option “Allow WWW Server” under Security > Protocols.

Changing ports
If you wish to continue running the standard WWW server included with the mail server you will need to amend the system variable called "WWWPort" setting it to the port of your choice. You amend this under Support > System Variables tab. Once changed you will need to stop and start the WWW service for the changes to take effect.

If the Support > System Variables tab is greyed out you will need to allow direct editing of system variables from the Security > Control page.

Share the use of port 80 across IP addresses
In systems with more than one local IP address, you can configure Gordano’s web server to use port 80 on one of the IP addresses and your alternative web server to use the other IP address(es).

In order to do this you must have set up use of the IP Connection File under the Incoming > Connections page. This option allows you to specify which IP address each service should attach itself to.

If you are using this option to run the WWW service on port 80 on one IP in conjunction with IIS on other IP’s you will need to ensure that you set IIS to start beore the Gordano WWW service. Under Windows NT you can do this in Control Panel > Services.

Note:Enabling use of the IP Connection File breaks the relationship between Gordano software and the IP’s associated with each domain you set up. Once enabled if you add any further domains to your installation you will need to also update the IP Connection File to associate the new domain with its own IP address.

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