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How do I change a variable using MML?


Setting or changing a user variable via an MML script is straightforward, requiring only that you set a new value for that variable.

For example, to change a users password to a new value you need only set the password variable for that user. This is done in a sinlge line of MML as follows

domainusernamepassword = "new_password";

Any user variale can be changed in this manner, simply change the third parameter to reflect the name of the variable you would like to work with.

If you want to change the password the user David@gordano.com, you could use the following MML:

user = "david";
gordano.com#user#password = "mine4tea";

System and domain variables can be changed in similar way, a domain variable would simply omit the username from the variable, an example of a domain variable would be


And an example of a system variable would be


You can see clearly how the variable hierarchy is constructed, omitting the username sets a domain level variable and omitting both the username and the domain sets a system level variable.

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