How do I cancel my subscription to GMS Cloud?

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Getting Started with GMS Cloud

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What do I do when I decide I no longer want to maintain my subscription to GMS Cloud, and what happens to my data?


You can cancel your GMS Cloud subscription by clicking on Cancel, located in the GMS Cloud Dashboard.

Once you have opted to cancel the service, you are still entitled to continue using it for the remaining duration of your subscription.

After the paid-for duration ends, you will still have a 30-day grace period in which you will still have access to the GMS Dashboard and your data. Whilst you still have access to the dashboard you can still renew and restart your subscription.

After the grace period end, we will keep your data, as outlined in the GMS Cloud SLA, for a further 60 days and you can contact support should you need access to it for any reason.

After this period, your data will be deleted.

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