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Issues with junk email in GMS-Cloud email accounts

This article gives guidance on what to do if you are receiving junk messages in your GMS Cloud email accounts.


GMS Cloud uses industry leading spam detection technology to protect your account from unsolicited email messages. This protection is in multiple stages, emails are rejected automatically from known junk email sources to prevent delivery taking places. For email sources that are not known to be junk, emails are checked using a realtime lookup against an spam signature database – and messages that match known spam signatures are rejected. The technology has been shown to be approximately 99% effective.

What this means is that although the anti-spam checks are highly effective, they are not 100% effective so you will sometimes see a message that might get through to your inbox. It’s very difficult to create a 100% effective filter without also blocking legitimate emails – which would be a bigger problem for most companies than receiving the occasional junk message.

What to do if you get junk messages

The first step when you receive a junk email is to establish if this is a single message, or if you and other users in your organisation are receiving multiple copies of junk emails. Single junk messages should not be reported, but if you are receiving junk in larger volumes, then you should report this to us.

To report junk messages effectively, you can simply send samples to us using our support email address – support at gordano.com – this will create a ticket in our helpdesk allowing us to review the samples of junk messages and advise you of any appropriate actions that can be taken.

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