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How do I block a single email address ?


How do I block a single email address from sending email
to our server? Someone is sending hundreds of nasty messages to one of my customers, but I cant block the IP because it is an ISP server and that would ban everyone from that ISP.


You have several options:

  • If you have Anti-Spam enabled on your system simply have the recipient add the email address to their block list. They can do this automatically in GMS Webmail.
  • You could do this with an MML script – on the RCPT clause.
  • You could use the redirection facility. This allows you to define the sending email address, the recipient
    email address and an action to take. On the redirection page, enter the email address you want to ban in to the “From” option and * for the IP addresses and “To” clause as these do not matter to you. Now choose what you want to do with the email. The SMTP service will then look for mail from one address to the other and if it finds a match carry out the action specified.

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