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How do I authenticate using ODBC?


GMS will talk to a "database driver", known as DSN (Data Source Name) in order to translate queries from the mail server to an ODBC compliant database management system. This open access method is the primary objective of the ODBC standard.

Using SQL statements, GMS can efficiently authenticate and populate user accounts that reside on a local or remote ODBC compliant database. This is known as SQLAuth.

Within the mail server software you can specify the name of your pre-configured DSN with an optional username and password.
The system will then provide default SQL queries that you may use to obtain your "external" user accounts.

A typical SQL statement looks similar to this…

SELECT Address FROM Users WHERE Address = ‘%s@%s’

The mail server will initiate a connection to the DSN that contains the location of your database. The DSN will then connect to the database in order to pass the SQL statement and ultimately extract the relevant information.

The above SQL statement would require you to have in your database, a table named "Users" and a field named "Address".

The %s flag means that a value will be dynamically substituted.

Using similar technology, GMS Communication Server is able to hold list members in an ODBC compliant database if Gordano’s proprietary file storage is not required.
GMS Communication Server allows for the creation of ODBC, Read Only ODBC and Custom ODBC lists.
Customization and Mail Merge are also easily configurable.

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