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How do I add machines to a load sharing array?


I am currently using a load sharing array but have suddenly outgrown it and need to add an extra machine to the array. How do I do this?


It is always better to fully specify a load sharing array from the outset as if you need to increase the number of machines in the array at a later date the rules for all of the machines will need to be updated.

Not only will the rules need to be updated but the users, their settings and all user level files such as mailboxes will need to be transferred to the new location as determined by the load sharing rules.

As this is a complex matter there is no automated method of doing this.

Note: This is not the same as going from a single machine to a load sharing situation, if you are doing this then the command line utility mail.exe can automate the majority of the process. See "mail -ls" in the Gordano Reference Guide.

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