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How do I access email on GMS Cloud using a web browser?

Getting Started With GMS Cloud


I would like to use a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access my GMS Cloud email – how do I do this?


If you are accessing the GMS Cloud service directly, the administrator of your subscription must create a user account for you within the admin interface for GMS Cloud. Once this has been done, you may access GMS Webspace – the webmail client included with your GMS Cloud subscription – directly from any web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.). Please use web address (URL) mail.gms-cloud.com. This address (URL) will load a login page to GMS Webspace. At the login page you will be asked to enter an email address and password. This will be the full email address and password provided by your administrator for your GMS Cloud account.

If you are accessing GMS Cloud via a marketplace (such as AppDirect) you can access GMS Webspace directly from this platform by selecting the GMS logo that will show under your accessible applications. Please select the GMS icon.This will give you secure access to your email account hosted on the GMS Cloud server. You will be automatically logged into GMS Webspace.

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