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How do alerts work?


Alerts are log entries which can be displayed in the Reports > Alerts
section of GMS. This display shows events that are happening on the
system in real time but the information provided is very terse. To find
out more about the details of the alert, the administrator may
"click" on the line containing the alert and a window will pop-up
containing the appropriate KB entry from Gordano’s Knowledge Base which
gives you the following information:

  • Details and information about what this alert means. For example, it
    will explain what was happening to cause this message to be generated.

  • The exact values of each of the parameters in the alert. For example,
    it will tell you which IP address a particular message was coming from.

  • Any action you may need to carry out. In the most part this falls into
    three categories:

    1. No action is required.
    2. You may wish to change the configuration of GMS.
    3. You may wish to contact the owner of another mail server to tell them
      their configuration is wrong.

This system allows you to quickly identify and resolve any problems you may


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