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How can I use multiple servers in an enterprise solution?


GMS is extremely flexible and can easily be integrated in to any corporate infrastructure. It is fully RFC compliant and so will work with any other incumbent compliant messaging server, as well as offering additional benefits when used solely in a GMS environment.

Many organizations rely on the robustness and strength of GMS to protect their incumbent messaging servers by running it as boundary protection, i.e. GMS becomes a firewall for email messages, protecting their other messaging systems from direct connection to the Internet.

By defaultGMS provides capability for load sharing across multiple servers. That is, it allows the user population to be spread over multiple servers thus spreading the load and providing a degree of redundacy protection.

GMS can further provide complete redundancy protection for your organization with the potential to provide up to 99.999% availability.

For further details on how GMS can help your organization protect its messaging infrastructure, including details of our high availability systems, please contact our sales team.

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