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How can I tell from the SMTP log that a message has been placed in quarantine?


I have set up a Confirmation Filter to combat all of the spam that is arriving at my account. However I now see failures in my SMTP log for each message arriving at my account.

This confirmation process (patent pending) is unique to GMS Webmail and GMS Anti-Spam and can reduce the amount of spam that has to be viewed by users to virtually nil.

Senders of spam almost invariably use automated systems and never look at messages returned to them. It is very unlikely that any originator of spam would ever respond to the confirmation message. Without this response the message will never find its way to the users mailbox.


You can set up a Confirmation filter and configure it to "quarantine" all messages from unknown senders. Looking at the SMTP log you may get the impression that there is a failure for incoming messages to an account with the confirmation filter set up. Seeing entries such as the following in the log.

SMTP 5 Mar 2002 13:35:47.790 P 9028 17 Run SMTP script tester1.domtester1deliveryscript.mml
SMTP 5 Mar 2002 13:35:47.890 A 3393 17 MML Script failure (deliveryscript.mml) -  Action 1

This is in fact not a failure but an indication of the fact that the Confirmation filter has run and correctly sent a confirmation message back to the originator of the email.

The MML action causing the message to be returned is now shown under progress logging (indicated by a "P" in the log) to prevent this misconception.

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