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How can I stop the Sircam Virus?


The Sircam virus is a particularly nasty virus that has been circulating now for a number of days. A number of customers have been asking us how they can write a GMS Anti-Virus script to catch this virus similar to the one we
provided for the "Love Bug" virus.


Unfortunately it is not possible to catch the Sircam virus using content filtering technology as it subtly changes itself from one infection to another. The only way to protect your system from this virus is to use high quality virus protection software such as GMS Anti-Virus.

Provided that GMS Anti-Virus is running with the latest updates and virus definition files it will catch the Sircam virus in all its different guises.

The following is a list of attributes of infected email messages that we are aware of that change from one infection by the Sircam virus to another:

  • The name of the attachment
  • The content of the message Subject
  • The text contained in the body of the message
  • The language used to write the message

For further details and pricing for GMS Anti-Virus please contact our sales department: sales@gordano.com

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