How can I rename the main domain in GMS?

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How can I rename the domain name that I setup when I installed GMS?


Please Note: In this example the domain names used are and

Option 1 – Adding Aliases
The way this is done is to add the domain aliases of "" and "*" in the Domain > Aliases section of the GMS administration interface. This allows the existing domain to also accept mail for this new domain. Then your users just need to change the Reply-To address in their clients to "".

Option 2 – New domain1
This method involves adding a full domain called, moving your users across to it then deleting You will need to do the following:

  • First of all please take a backup copy of the setup.txt and GMS directory structure before you attempt this (with these we can restore the original system).
  • Ensure there is a free IP address on your Network card for the new domain.
  • Go to Domains > Add Domain in the GMS interface and add a domain called and assign the free IP address to it.
  • Next from a command line change directories to Gordanobin (ntmailbin on older versions)
  • Type "mail -domain -listusers old-domain.txt". This dumps a list of users for into a file called old-domain.txt
  • Still at the command line type "mail -domain -append old-domain.txt". This adds all the users listed in the old-domain.txt file to the new domain.
  • Stop all the GMS services.
  • Copy the contents of the directory over the directory. This ensures the user’s mailboxes are moved over.
  • Please ensure that the has an administrative account, you may need to create a admin profile then apply this profile to the postmaster account.
  • Restart the GMS Services and log on to the Administration interface. Go to the Domains>Delete Domain page and delete
  • If you then want the new domain to have the IP address that was assigned to the old domain you can change this from the Domains>Edit Domain page of the interface.
  • Please ensure that if you are using any user authentication that the user database is updated with the new domain name.
  • If you have any problems you will need to use your backup files to return to your original configuration then use Option 1 above.

1Some users may lose some of their personal preferences as a result of using this method. A dry run is recommended on a test server.

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