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How can I recover deleted mail messages?


There is a specific facility built into Gordano products that allow an archive of all mail messages passing through a server to be maintained. These archives can additionally be mailed off site for safekeeping. However by default these message archives are stored in a raw state and are not instantly accessible.

To assist with the retrieval of messages Gordano has developed the GMS Archive & Recovery robot. If this is also running on the system it provides an automated means of querying the message archives and recalling exactly the messages that you require using a simple query based on date, along with to and from clauses. More details of GMS Archive & Recovery are available on our Web Site www.gordano.com or directly from Sales.

Without GMS Archive & Recovery you have two options to retreive message from the message logs.

  1. manually retrieve messages by opening he log file in a text editor and searching the information you want.
  2. copy the mbx file under a users mail directory and use GMS Webmail to read the file.

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