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How can I port from Netscape Messaging Server to GMS?


I am currently running Netscape Messaging Server but would like to convert to GMS for all my messaging requirements. Is there an easy way to do this?


Yes. Gordano provide a tool specifically designed to allow customers to port from Netscape Messaging Server over to a GMS solution.

To obtain a copy of the porting tool please contact sales@gordano.com and request a copy.

The conversion utility will convert information in the Netscape Messaging Server registry and directories into a standard GMS configuration file. This can be loaded into an existing GMS setup (which could be a default demonstration installation on a new machine). The conversion assumes the Netscape Messaging Server account information has been exported to an LDIF file.

Full instructions on the use of the porting utility will be included with the utility provided by our sales team.

Note: GMS supports up to 20 aliases per account. If more than 20 aliases are found, the first 20 are converted explicitly and the remainder are handled via the GMS ‘unknown user action’.

Note: The Netscape Messaging Server {NS-MTA-MD5} passwords are usable by GMS.

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