How can I improve the effectiveness of Gordano's dynamic update service?

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The Anti-Spam Update Service (ASUS) is a product supplied by Gordano to help reduce the masses of spam that plagues us all. From Version 12 onwards, Gordano has updated the ASUS service with the addition of "Zero hour" technology. More information on this can be found here and from links available at the bottom of this article.
Gordano are happy for our customers to "Try before you buy" so you can witness the reduction in spam for yourself with no obligation to buy.
Please contact the Gordano Sales department for a trial key.


There are a number of tweaks that can be performed in order to noticeably improve performance, increase the spam detection levels and reduce false positives for local users.

  • Content checking (word matching) is unquestionably CPU intensive. You will find that limiting the amount of lines scanned will drastically reduce the load on the server. A value between 75-100 is a good staring point from which to start tuning. This is configured under Administration > Anti-Spam > Content > Domain Words > Edit Mode > Search Mode. You will need to do this for each of your domains.

  • For legal reasons Gordano will not include any phrases that contain domain names, registered names or product brand names. For this reason, you should enable your own word file to run along side the dynamic filter for dual protection.

  • If you wish to bypass restricted content, this can be done by using a white list of IP address. This is configured under Anti-Spam > Content > Domain Words > Edit Bypass. Again, this is configurable on a per domain basis.

Due to the simplicity of Zero hour there isn’t much configuration needed.
To improve the effectiveness of Zero hour, enable "Use Strict Zero Hour Classification Checks" and consider bypassing your local IP range from these checks as shown above.
Although using "Strict Zero Hour Classification Checks" will definitely further your reduction in spam, you run a slightly higher risk of encountering a false positive. This is addressed in KB 3296.

Please note:
Releases since February 2005 include extra functionality to cater for SMTP/POP/IMAP authenticated users to bypass content checking.
The release of version 14, scheduled for the end of March, will offer a definitive white-listing facility to bypass external senders and local recipients.

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