How can I import users to GMS from an existing installation?

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I would like to install a fresh release of GMS and only add the users accounts from my previous setup.


There are several ways to import users into GMS.

You can paste a list of names and passwords into the system via the GUI under Users>Add User.

Alternatively you can use the Mail.exe utility supplied with GMS if you have an existing GMS installation.

Using a command prompt change to the gordanobin folder and type:

mail -domain [domain name] -listusers [filename]

For example:
mail -domain test.dom -listusers users.txt

This will produce a list of all users from the test.dom domain and list them in a file called users.txt, located in the gordanobin folder.

Opening the file will show the information is generated in the following

InBox.mbx user303 %HwFf&kJo

Field one must be as shown
Field two is username
Field three is password, encrypted when generated by mail.exe, however you can add users with plain text passwords.

If you add the addresses required, the passwords in plain text and save the file you can import the information using:

mail -domain [domain name] -append [filename]

You should now stop and restart all of the GMS services by typing "mail -stop" followed by "mail -start".

Upon first login the passwords will become encrypted.

Note: For versions prior to build 3060 substitute
mail -b[domain name] -f[filename]
mail -domain [domain name] -listusers [filename]
mail -b[domain name] -l[filename]
mail -domain [domain name] -append [filename]

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