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How can I create an MML script that affects outbound mail?


I have created an MML End of Message script to make a copy of all the messages sent to an external address, for example:

  • rcpt to: user@yahoo.dom
  • copy to: postmaster@domain.dom

This script works fine if ‘user@domain.dom’ is the only recipient, but if there are multiple recipients it will not work. It only takes the last recipient.


An EOM Script will only process messages arriving at the server. So a script similar to the above example will not work at this stage.

It is possible to process an MML script during the outbound delivery of the message, which will work with the example above.

You can create an outgoing script by:

  • Create your MML script using a text browsers such as notepad, textpad, etc.
  • Save this file in the base Gordano folder
    e.g. c:gordanoCopyMessages.mml
  • Log on the GMS Administration interface as an adminsitrator
  • Goto the Security->Control page and make sure that the ‘Allow direct editing of system variables’ is enabled. If not, enable this option.
  • Goto Support->System_Variables and set the outgoingscript variable to the file that saved in the base gordano folder.
    Variable: outgoingscript
    Value: CopyMessages.mml
  • NOTE: Gordano do not support the debugging or writing of MML scripts.

    Keywords:outbound, outgoing, MML.

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