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How can I authenticate against Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI)?


I am currently using GMS Proprietary database for authentication, however I now wish to use ADSI, how do I do this?


Setting up Authentication against Microsoft’s Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) is very simple.

From the JAVA applet on the left you should notice a node named “Authentication”

Check the box next to "Use External Authentication database" and select "MS ADSI Authentication" from the drop down list. Now press Update.

Now a little further down the tree you will see your domain name, click on the + sign and then on Authentication from this branch of the tree. The right hand part of the screen should now have a title of "Domain Level Authentication for domain.dom".

Add the ADSI Authorised Username and Password and the ADSI domains you wish to authenticate against and press update. Do this for each domain on the tree that you wish to enable AD authentication for.

The last thing to do is to stop and start the services to enable the changes you have just made, press the ADMIN icon and this will return you to the old configuration interface. Click on SYSTEM > CONTROL SERVICES and press "Stop All" and then "Start All"

Setup of ADSI authentication is now complete. The Active Directory users should now appear in the list of available users.

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