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Error message: mfc42.dll is out of date.


What is mfc42.dll and why do I need it?


DLLs are shared library files used by Windows applications, and are compiled on the fly during upgrades and installs (e.g. SP3 might “upgrade” a DLL by adding another few routines on the end, add SQL Server and another few routines are added, etc.). The net result is that you can never be 100% sure which DLL contains what routines even if the dates are the same and the machines are the same.

If a DLL either isn’t present or is out-of-date, the application won’t run. This is why we chose to put the additional DLLs (over a basic Windows NT install) required by NTMail into our own directory. This gives us two advantages:
– we know exactly what DLL is being used and what its contents are;
– there is no way an uninstaller can stop NTMail working (this has happened to some customers, e.g. uninstall Word, NTMail fails…)

A copy of the DLL can be obtained by emailing support@gordano.com or from our FTP site at
ftp://ftp.gordano.com/options directory.

This DLL is no longer required after version 6.

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