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Does GMS Webmail support my browser?


Version 15 onwards
JAVA has been completely removed from the new WebMail client making it both slicker and faster operationally than its predecessor.
The Web client now offers a familiar and more intuitive interface similar to a high-end desktop client.
Presently, JAVA is still required in areas of the administration interface.

In addition to WebMail no longer relying on JAVA, other key changes for browser support include:

  • Old MSIE versions are no longer supported, only MSIE 6 and newer will be.

  • Firefox is now supported on a Mac – Version 2 and above.
  • Netscape (non-Mozilla based) is no longer supported.
  • Opera is no longer supported.

Pre version 15
The Professional interface of GMS Webmail does not support all browsers, the main browser types supported are Internet Explorer V4 and upwards, and Netscape versions 4.5x to 4.7x and 4.8.

The Mobile Interface of GMS Webmail can be used by the vast majority of web browsers.

To check that your browser is supported by GMS Webmail please select the following button…

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