Does GMS support connections over 2.5G & 3G?

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Before completing the network upgrades required to move the capabilities within the necessary ranges to support 3G, the wireless industries upgraded their networks to 2.5G. This interim phase allowed service use alternating between using the Net, sending or receiving text messages, and making phone calls without losing its connection. Phones also required additional hardware to support the new, faster capabilities of 3G along with the enhanced functionality and so this middle stage became a resting place between propagating phones enabled for the new technology and upgrading the networks at great expense to enable them to deliver these enhanced features.

3G wireless networks are capable of transferring data at speeds of up to 384Kbps which is far in excess of traditional 2G or even 2.5G networks. With 3G technology, mobile phones and other portable devices are transformed into multimedia players, making it possible to download music and video clips and watch them wherever you happen to be. With the speed and new hardware built in to 3G enabled phones, java based websites are accessible through your mobile device in addition to the multimedia functionality.


GMS has support for both 2.5G and 3G mobile devices as well as earlier mobile network technologies.


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