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Does GMS Mail Support APOP?


APOP is the name given to an authentication protocol that is part of the
POP3 standard. It allows the mail client and server to verify the user name
and password without exchanging the password in plain text over the network.
Implementing APOP is optional in the POP3 standard.


GMS Mail does support APOP authentication for users of it’s own database. It
does not support APOP authentication if the NT User Database is being used
because Microsoft have not allowed third parties access to the information
required for implementation.

To allow GMS Mail to use of APOP, set the AllowAPOPLogin registry value to 1. Refer to the NTMail Reference manual for details of how to do this.

Version 6 of GMS Mail provides more extensive options for APOP. Please see FAQ entry 199.

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