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Does GMS List Server support Moderation?


Moderation is a method of controling messages that are posted out to the members of a list. A “moderator” can be considered to be like an editor running a letters page in a magazine. The editor (or moderator) has control over which letters (or email) are published to the readers.

Consider a typical message which is sent to the list server for sending to all list members. With moderation active, that message is intercepted and sent to the moderator. The moderator can then choose to ignore the message or reply to it. If the moderator ignores the message, it is never posted out to all the list members. If the moderator replies, the list server will allow the original message to be sent to all the list members.

There are cases where more than one list moderator is necessary. For example, to cover illness, vacations, holidays, 24-hours, etc. In this case, it is useful to have several moderators who can all accept or deny messages.

Some solutions go a stage further and allow “round-robin” moderation of messages. This spreads the load of moderation around a group of people rather than
waiting for just one person to respond.


GMS List Server does not support moderation of lists. If you require to set up a moderated list then you will need to purchase GMS Communication Server.

GMS Communication Server supports all the options mentioned above.

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