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Does GMS Instant Messenger use multi-cast?


Multi-cast is the name of a particular way of sending packets of information around the internet. If a multi-cast packet is sent, all network cards of all PC’s on the network will interupt the CPU with possible data. The data may then be discarded or provided to applications.

Multi-cast packets generally do not go through switches or routers unless they have been "multi-cast enabled". By allowing multi-cast data around the network, a much larger traffic load is created which may cause problems for other applications (e.g. printing, file sharing, etc.).

If an application depends upon multi-cast to communicate between users, then all networks between all users must be multi-cast enabled.



GMS Instant Messenger uses standard TCP/IP connections to manage communications between different members of a conversation.
There are several advantages to this approach:

  1. Network bandwidth is kept to a minimum;
  2. Security is maintained; and
  3. People outside the network may join the conversation.

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