Does GMS comply with Internet standards?

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Standards are required to allow any two systems to talk to each other. If systems don’t follow the same standards they are unable to converse, just like people who don’t speak the same language. The uptake of the Internet and email in particular has largely been driven by the adoption of various standards to allow disparate systems to communicate with each other.

Email, or Internet messaging, has many different standards for various parts of the communication process, for example there are standards specifying how servers communicate with each other, how mail clients communicate with servers, how files should be attached to messages, and so on.

Without these standards we would not be able to communicate with each other.

The GMS is built from the ground up with standards compliance in mind. In fact, not only does it comply with the messaging standards, it will also enforce standards compliance on messages generated by other, non standards compliant systems.

Just some of the complaince enforcement options within GMS are:

  • Enforce RFC822 headers
  • Enforce CRLF end of line
  • Enforce RFC 2822 Line length
  • Enforce RFC1894 DSN
  • Allow RFC1123 return
  • Insert missing “From:” clause (as per RFC822)
  • Insert missing “To:” clause (as per RFC822)
  • MSMail Address Fix
  • Show real host in SMTP “Received:” clause
  • Show real host in POST EHLOHELO command
  • Maximum length of “Received” line

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