Do I need an MTA with GMS?

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An MTA is a “Message Transport Agent”. It is the program that will receive and send email messages. It does not provide any options to allow local email to be read by POP3, IMAP3 clients or web browsers.

Unix usually comes with a basic MTA installed (sendmail) and Windows 2000 may have a basic MTA installed. These services do not provide access to local email without additional programs.


Our product constitutes a complete mail server – obviously containing our own MTA. When installed, everything is there and working and there are no software dependencies other than a base operating system. Having installed the product, you would have a fully working, high performance and comprehensive mail server.

If you purchase GMS Mail, you may access the messages via POP3 and IMAP4 protocols using standard mail clients such as Outlook or Eudora.

If you purchase GMS Webmail you may access the messages via standard web-browsers, micro-browsers, iMode devices, PDAs, WAP phones, etc.

Purchasing both GMS Webmail and GMS Mail allows you to acess email by all the method listed above.

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