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Can I view my GMS Calendars within Google Calendar?


I would find it really useful if I were able to view my GMS Calendars via Google Calendar or some other publicly available calendar client when I am not in the office.

Am I able to do this, and if so how?


Google Calendar, and other third party calendar clients, are not able to use HTTP authentication in order to log on to GMS Server in order to access calendar data.

To allow for these clients to be used with GMS Calendar information we have provided a URL based scheme for logging on to the GMS Server. The required URL will look like


where the information within the angle brackets needs to be replaced by information relevant to you, i.e. the fully qualified name of the GMS Server, your email address and your password respectively.

Note: Using this method your username and password are transmitted over the Internet in plain text so you should only use this method if the Calendar client in question does not support HTTP Authentication.

Please also note that at the time of writing while the Google Calendar client is able to read calendar entreies from GMS it is not able to publish information back to GMS. It also displays events that are marked as Private as busy and refreshes seem to be intermittent. This will improve as Google improves their client.

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