Can I use the AOL 8 with GMS Webmail?

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When I use AOL 8 with GMS Webmail I get a “Browser Unsupported” error message. I would like to use AOL 8 with GMS Webmail, is there anything I can do?


We have reports from customers that they have been successfully able to use the AOL 8 browser with GMS Webmail.

Firstly, you will need to enable the use of unsupported browsers by making the changes outlined in KB article 1791. (in the see also section at the bottom of this article).

The AOL browser uses a technique of changing it’s IP address each time you access a page. This results in the session control that GMS Webmail uses believing that each connection is a new session, and so the AOL browser cannot get past the logon page.

To avoid this, you can switch of the use of IP addresses for session control, and use cookies only. This can be done through the Security > Session Control section of the administration interface.

If you make these changes you should be able to login to GMS Webmail using the AOL 8 browser, however because the browser is unsupported you may find that some undesired behavior occurs.

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