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Can I run GMS Anti-Spam against one domain on a multi domain server?


I run a number of domains on my GMS system, is it possible to run the GMS Anti-Spam checks against just one of these domains?


GMS Anti-Spam provides a comprehensive anti-spam solution. As such it operates at numerous different levels of the messaging server.

Some functionality such as the Artificial Intelligence feature, Allowed Hosts, RBL Checking and so on is only appropriate at the system level so will affect all domains on the system.

Yet more functionality such as Restricted Word checks, Domain filters, Local Clients etc. is appropriate at the domain level and so can be set independently for each domain.

Further functionality such as Confirmation and Anti-spam filters are appropriate at the user level, and so they can be set individually by each user.

Some items such as filtering can be set independently at the System, Domain and User levels. In this case the system level filter would be applied first, the domain filter second and then finally the user level filter.

The whole combines to make a very powerful anti-spam tool set allowing spam to be almost entirely banished for a server.

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