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Can I add my own buttons to GMS Webmail?


I would like to customise the GMS Webmail interface by adding buttons that go to my own web site/pages. How do I do this?

Changing the GMS Webmail Logo is the subject of Q0113.


You may add up to three user defined buttons that will be displayed to the right of the logo. These buttons must all be of the same dimensions, namely 50 pixels x 50 pixels for the normal menu and 25 pixels x 25 pixels for the small menu.

URL links and Alt text (which is displayed when the mouse is held over the GIF) may be added for each of the buttons.

To add these go to the Support.System Variables page and create the following variables:


Give each variable either the URL to link to or the text that should be displayed when the mouse is held over the button.

For example, if you had a link to Gordano’s web site, you might set up the following values:

WebMailCustomButton1URL = http://www.gordano.com
WebMailCustomButton1Alt = Visit Gordano’s Web Site

The graphics files to be displayed as buttons should be stored and named as follows:

$base dir$MMLWebMailCustomButton1.gif
$base dir$MMLWebMailSmallCustomButton1.gif
$base dir$MMLWebMailCustomButton2.gif
$base dir$MMLWebMailSmallCustomButton2.gif
$base dir$MMLWebMailCustomButton3.gif
$base dir$MMLWebMailSmallCustomButton3.gif

For example, if you have installed GMS Webmail in the directory c:gordano, you would need to create two GIFs. The 50×50 pixel GIF would be called c:gordanommlwebmailcustombutton1.gif and the 25×25 pixel GIF would be called webmailsmallcustombutton1.gif.

Remember that filenames are case sensitive in unix, so if you are using GMS Webmail on a unix platform, you will need to pay attention to the case in the filenames above.

Custom buttons are displayed to all users in the main GMS Webmail interface, even before a user is logged on.

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