Better engagement for better communication

When it comes to email marketing these days, it’s all about communication. In the context of GMS, it’s about how we communicate with you. It’s about how we can let you know of an exciting new feature. How we might be able to save you some money. How we can improve your user journey. Most of all it’s about how we can help you make the most of GMS. Our ‘Announcements’ feature (the irony of announcing a feature about announcements is not lost on us) is just one way we are capitalising upon email and the way in which we use email to communicate with you.

Differing from your basic email, an announcement will trigger a notification in your inbox, informing you that we’ve got something important to tell you about. This could be a bit on a new feature or function, it could be an FAQ or some information about a forthcoming update, it could just be a helpful link to point you in the right direction. Whatever the notification, Announcements give us the ability to keep you in the know, in a faster and more considered way.

Personalisation is another element that makes the Announcements feature more effective than your average mailout. Nowadays, communication must go far beyond just a name. This is an era where a persona matters a whole lot more. With its adaptable input, our Announcements can be tailor-made so that you: a) Never receive the same message twice and; b) Only receive messages that are relevant to you and your GMS experience.

All in all, the Announcements feature is a result of our drive to get the GMS message to you in a more digestible format, ensuring that you’re never out of the loop when it comes to making the best of your software subscription.

If you want to learn more about Announcements, check out this video or get in touch today.