Why is the email address required for each user?

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WorkgroupShare does not synchronize data using email. The email address is used to match the subject of a free/busy request to a WorkgroupShare user.

When a meeting is scheduled in Outlook, it is sometimes necessary to determine when attendees have free time. The attendees name or email address must be entered into the Attendees list and Outlook will display free/busy periods for that person. (If the attendees name is used then Outlook will search the Address Book to find this persons email address). Outlook sends this email address to the WorkgroupShare free/busy server. WorkgroupShare tries to match this address to one of its user accounts. When a match is found, the free/busy information for that user is returned to Outlook and displayed in the meeting scheduler.

What happens if the email address field is left blank?
The email address field is optional, but if it is not entered for a user then it will not be possible to perform a free/busy query on that users’ calendar.

What email address should I enter in this box?
The email address entered into this field must be the same as the one that will be used in the free/busy query. Usually this will be someones primary corporate email address rather than an obscure hotmail address, for example.

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