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The messaging interface has returned an unknown error while running Client Setup


This can happen for one of several reasons:-

  • There is more than one Outlook profile: If this is the case, Outlook should be configured to always use one profile as WorkgroupShare v1 does not support multiple profiles. To do this for Outlook 2003 go to Control Panel, Mail, Show Profiles, Select a profile and then select Always use this profile.
  • Outlook is running in the background when you try and install. Go to the Processes tab in Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC in Windows NT, 2000 or later) and make sure Outlook.exe is not listed, if it is then select Outlook.exe and click End Process. Then re-run the Client Setup.
  • The PST is password protected: In this case because WorkgroupShare Setup does not know your password it can’t open the PST file. To get round this, on the screen where you select the user, uncheck the box ‘Select which Outlook folders to synchronize’. The install should complete. Open Outlook and click Tools, Share, Settings to select the folders you wish to share.
  • An Add-in conflict: Refer to the following FAQ:
    How do I resolve Add-in Conflicts.
  • The PST file is corrupt: This prevents WorkgroupShare from accessing the information in the PST. Refer to the following FAQ:
    I suspect I have a corrupt PST file. How do I solve this?
    Note: Outlook can work successfully even with corruptions in the PST file, so this may be the problem even though everything appears fine in Outlook.
  • The PST is large: Sometimes a large PST just fails to open in time and the error message appears. In this case you can proceed as for a password protected PST file described above.
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