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How do I move the data on my WorkgroupShare V2 server to another folder or drive?


You wish to move your WorkgroupShare server data folder to a different drive or location on the same computer.

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This FAQ applies to WorkgroupShare v2 only. Click here for details on How to move a WorkgroupShare v1 server to another computer or drive.

This FAQ applies to WorkgroupShare using a Jet database or a SQL Server Express database where reference files are stored outside of the database. It does not apply to WorkgroupShare using a SQL Server database as all data is stored in the database.

Note If you have installed other components of the Softalk Collaboration Suite, such as WorkgroupMail v8 or Softalk Organizer, and WorkgroupShare is configured to use a Jet database (or SQL Server Express with reference data stored in files) then the data folder should be changed in the same way for all components. If moving existing data files to the new location then the data files for all components will be consolidated into the same new folder.


  • Stop the service and close the Administrator.
  • Change the data folder entries in the registry.
  • Move the Jet database, where applicable.
  • Use MoveDataDFiles.exe to move existing data files.


Before making any changes to the WorkgroupShare installation, shutdown the WorkgroupShare service (or program) and close the Administrator program.

Open regedit and expand the key:


Set the dataFolder value to your new path

If you also have a dataFolder path in the following registry location then you should set this to be the same path.


If using a Jet database navigate to your original data folder and copy SCS.MDB to the new data folder.

Open the “Data Sources ODBC” applet from Control Panel >> Administrative Tools and click on the “System DSN” tab.

Double-click on the SoftalkCollaborationSuite data source and click on the Select button. Navigate to the new data folder and select the SCS.MDB database. Click OK to exit all dialogue boxes.

The WorkgroupShare service (or server program) and the Administrator may now be restarted. WorkgroupShare will now use the database in the new folder and all new reference data files will be created in the new data folder. All existing reference data files will still be located in the original data folder.

To move existing reference data files, please perform the following procedure:

Download this utility that will move your existing reference data files MoveDataFiles.exe. It must be saved to a local folder before it can be run. It is a requirement that ASP.NET be installed.

Shutdown the WorkgroupShare server and run the MoveDataFiles utility.

Set the Adjust data files for ComboBox to WorkgroupShare/Softalk Mail Server

Type the new data folder path in the Folder to which all data files will be transferred textbox.

Click on the MoveDataFiles button. All references to files in the database will be updated so that the files are moved and the references updated. Any files that remain after this operation are no longer referenced by the database and can be deleted.

If it is necessary to move a SQL Server or SQL Server Express database and log file, first shutdown the WorkgroupShare service and close the Administrator program and then follow the SQL Server guidelines for moving the database file to a new location.

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