Install the WorkgroupShare Client without using the Remote Client Setup program.

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  5. Install the WorkgroupShare Client without using the Remote Client Setup program.


  1. The Remote Client Setup program is unable to install the WorkgroupShare Client on one or more computers.
  2. The remote client setup program cannot be used as your netowrk is not configured with a Windows Domain.


You will need to install the WorkgroupShare Client software by going to each machine and running the ClientSetup.exe application.

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What is WorkgroupShare?
How do I install WorkgroupShare?


To install the WorkgroupShare Client software on a computer you need to run the ClientSetup program on that machine. The client setup must be run while logged in as the Administrator or a power user. The setup only needs to be run once, regardless of the number of users that log on to the client computer.

The WorkgroupShare Client install program is extracted onto your WorkgroupShare server computer when you install WorkgroupShare. It is extracted into the WorkgroupShare folder inside a folder called ClientSetup. This is usually C:Program FilesWorkgroupShareClientSetup.

The server setup program automatically creates a Windows share for this folder on your WorkgroupShare server computer as WorkgroupShare Client Setup so you should be able to browse to the computer running your WorkgroupShare server and open that folder and run ClientSetup.exe to install the WorkgroupShare Client.

If that fails you will need to get the whole ClientSetup folder to each of the machines and run the ClientSetup.exe program within that folder. You can do this by copying the folder to a CD or USB drive. You can also create a ZIP file containing that folder and sending it by email. Note the whole folder must be copied, not just the ClientSetup.exe file. You must extract all the files from the ZIP file if you have sent the setup using this method.

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