How can I perform a silent install of the WorkgroupShare v1 clients?

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Larger organizations who wish to roll out many clients may find it useful to take advantage of the unattended installation capability of the ClientSetup program.


In order to run the ClientSetup program in an unattended (silent) mode, you should invoke the ClientSetup program, passing a command line argument which will be the name of the unattended setup file. The Unattended setup file will contain all the information the ClientSetup program needs in order to successfully complete the installation. For example, if you invoke the client setup program as follows:

serverClientSetupShareclientsetup.exe “c:tempunattendedsetup.dat”

then the client setup program will read the contents of the unattendedsetup.dat file. It will not show any user interface and will silently install the client program. The format of the unattended setup configuration file is shown in the example file below:

// Filename: UnattendedClientSetup.dat
// Description: This file contains the settings to be used for a client
// using unattended setup of the WorkgroupShare client software.

// The following setting is required

// This is the folder where the client program files are installed.
program-folder: C:Program FilesWorkgroupShare Client

// The following settings are optional. If this file is for a particular user then enter the data below.
// If these settings are left blank then the setup program will take the information from the registry.
// If this is the first time that setup has been run on this client then this information will not exist.
// In this case the setup will complete correctly and the first time WorkgroupShare is run (when
// Outlook is next opened) the user will be prompted to log on and complete the setup process.

// This is the database ID of the user being installed on this client computer.
user-id: 1

// This is the login name of the user being installed on this client computer.
login-name: fred.smith

// This is the password of the user being installed on this client computer.
password: pwd

// The following switches set whether the Outlook PST file is backed up (yes, no, prompt) and whether or not the backup progress UI should be displayed.
backup-pst: prompt
backup-pst-ui: 1

// The following settings are only used when there is no ClientSettings.dat file or when this is the first time
// that the WorkgroupShare client has been installed on this computer.

// This is the computer name or IP address of the server computer.

// This is the port that the WorkgroupShare server is listening on, on the server computer.
port: 8100

A single unattendedsetup.dat file can be used for many users by leaving the user-id, login-name and password fields blank. The data will be taken from the registry when this is not the first installation. If it is the first installation then the user will be prompted to complete the installation by entering a username and password when Outlook is first started (and the WorkgroupShare client add-in is run for the first time). A single unattended setup file can simplify the process of updating the WorkgroupShare clients as all users can run the same command, perhaps from a common login script.

If entering the user-id, login-name and password fields into the file then you will need to create a separate file for each user. The user-id information for a particular user is the value of the ID field for that users record in the Users table in the WorkgroupShare database. The same record holds the login-name and password values. To list all of th

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