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How can I force a refresh of the shared data for one or all of my users?


Data that has been shared to the server is corrupt or incomplete.


Some example reasons why the WorkgroupShare server may need to be re-installed:-

  • The server setting that controls the synchronization of attachments (WorkgroupShare v2 only) may have been changed. The data for each existing record will not be automatically refreshed (ie attachments add or removed) to reflect this.
  • A database field may have been increased in size to accomodate larger data items. The currently truncated data will need to be re-synchronized to the server.


First, unshare a folder by clicking Tools, Share, Settings in Outlook. When the client next synchronizes, this folder and its contents will be deleted from the server. This can be confirmed in the Administrator. Then, re-select the same folder and synchronize again. Its contents will be shared to the server once more and any errors in the data will be corrected. Note that user access permissions will need to be re-configured as before. When other users connect, their copy of this shared folder will also be refreshed.

This procedure can be repeated for other folders in turn or multiple folders can be deselected, synchronized and reselected together.

If an older version of the client is installed then first upgrade both the server and all clients to the latest release of WorkgroupShare. Refer to the following FAQ Can I upgrade to the latest release of WorkgroupShare, and if so, how?

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