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How can I compact and repair my WorkgroupShare database?


  • The WorkgroupShare JET database is large, or
  • Database errors are being reported, or
  • Procedure to be performed as routine maintenance


For WorkgroupShare v1 using a jet database it is recommended that you periodically compact and repair your WorkgroupShare database. This should also be done when any kind of database problem has been reported.


Shut down the WorkgroupShare server and close the Administrator program.

Open the Data Sources applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools), select the System DSN tab, and choose the database WorkgroupShare. Click Configure and then select ‘Repair’ to correct faults. Choose the database file to repair. Click Compact to reduce the size of the database. Choose the database file to compact from and the file to compact into. This can be the same file, in which case you must confirm that you wish to overwrite the original file.

Re-start WorkgroupShare.

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