GMS Cloud and its role in digital transformation

Digital Transformation is more than just a byword for change. It’s the significant transformation of business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and models, leveraging emerging and well-established technologies to improve efficiency, customer retention and relationships, manage risk, and uncover new opportunities for monetisation. It’s business lingo, yes. But it’s also an extremely valuable form of global development. None more so than in the world of cloud computing.

In September 2017, we told you about an important partnership we had made with large Cloud Service Provider, Alkhalijiah (Virtustream MENA), in order to create Emaily, a SaaS business productivity solution for SMB/Enterprise customers in the KSA which leverages GMS Cloud’s email and office capabilities to provide a powerful toolset of applications focusing on business and operations. Fast forward to the present day and a recent interview by Telecom Review with Dr Marwan Alahmadi, CEO of Alkhalijiah (Virtustream MENA), we get some valuable insight into how GMS Cloud is working beneath the radar to help drive digital transformation, delivering “true IT-as-a-service”.

In the aforementioned interview, Alahmadi makes some important points about the nature of cloud technologies today and how digital transformation fits in to organisational agendas as their bona fide hot topic. Cloud is already a priority to many CIOs in alignment with global trends, he says, because it “represents the first step in the digital journey for many organisations”. Alahmadi goes on to talk about Alkhalijiah and their various projects revolving around private cloud deployment. Of particular note, he mentions the help provided in building what has become one of the largest private cloud deployments globally, confirming the part our very own GMS Cloud has had to play in this momentous transformation through our partnership collaboration with Virtustream.

When we first discussed the notion of a partnership between GMS and Alkhalijiah it was agreed that a strategic shift from IaaS to the SaaS concept was focal – the market research indicative that organisations who were adopting Software-as-a-Service were then already achieving tangible benefits with cost-saving and more flexible working. Aside from this, there were other elements in play that had to be considered: competition from the likes of Microsoft and Google, government regulations and the stipulation that core cloud services had to be locally hosted. It was therefore decided that by combining the solutions we could offer with Alkhalijiah’s existing and formidable business model,  we could streamline the service provided to surpass competitors whilst remaining profitable for the customer, the consumer, and the provider, marking a definitive step in the digital transformation of both GMS Cloud and Alkhalijiah.

To date, our partnership with Alkhalijiah remains as steadfast as ever, with Emaily offering a complete end-to-end business productivity and email solution, powered by GMS Cloud. If you want to see how you can improve, optimise and monetise your business, sign up to GMS Cloud today.