Collabora Online & GMS

Posted on 26th July 2017 Under Cloud, GMS, Storage

What is Collabora Online?

Collabora Online is an important business productivity tool integrated into GMS Webspace, enabling the viewing and editing of office documents in dozens of file formats. Collabora Online uses unparalleled file format support and rendering capabilities of LibreOffice.

Occupying a smaller footprint than the average Microsoft Office, it delivers a secure, professional, and collaborative solution to creating, editing, and managing your important documents. With file-sharing and syncing tightly integrated into the enterprise-grade groupware, storage, and email capabilities of GMS, your document suite becomes a hub of activity, rather than an isolated end-point. Online or offline, all your work becomes a team effort, with everyone able to contribute as much as they can.

Create spreadsheets, slideshows, text documents and more; track and merge changes, and use GMS Drive to store and access them anywhere via any modern browser or with the desktop app. Your important documents are always with you, always up to date, and always ready to be reviewed, improved, presented or discussed.


What do you get with Collabora Online?

Key Features:

  • View and edit text documents, spreadsheets & more
  • Preservation of layout and formatting of documents
  • Collaborative editing
  • Live notifications of users entering or exiting
  • Insert, edit, and reply to comments
  • Change tracking
  • Full screen presentation
  • Basic editing features
    • Undo/redo
    • Character formatting
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Insert tables, images, etc.
    • Zoom in/out
    • Text search
    • Insert and delete worksheets
    • Insert and delete slides
    • Automatic saving
  • Admin console for monitoring system utilisation

Integration with GMS Drive

The GMS Cloud service has been steadily evolving, growing, and maturing. Incorporating storage and office management capabilities is the next step on that path, increasing what you can accomplish with the GMS webmail client Webspace, giving you access your stored documents wherever you are, and improving your ability to accomplish tasks. Collabora Online is integrated into GMS Drive, accessed via Webspace. With GMS Drive, you can upload and store all of your files safely and securely: photos, videos, documents, PDFs and more. 10GB of storage comes standard with the GMS Cloud package, with the option to scale up as required; with Collabora Online, you can open and edit those documents you store with GMS Drive.

These capabilities further enhance what was an already contemporary and responsive modern client, and is included with every standard GMS Cloud subscription.


Supported Everywhere

Collabora Online contains 8 million lines of code, making it a sophisticated and modern office solution that still manages to make it lighter on your resources than a typical Microsoft Office deployment. Utilising the open-source and innovative LibreOffice client, Collabora Online are at the forefront of the development of inventive and secure office solutions – primarily in browser, but compatible with Android and desktop clients. Your data remains safe thanks to a layered approach to security, with pro-active maintenance to the code in order to protect from emerging threats. Combined with inclusive, support-focused approach of GMS and the integrated industry-leading malware protection, you can always be safe in the knowledge that your business-critical data and applications are safe, secure and protected.