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Where can I download Sybase Central to administer my OfficeTalk database?


OfficeTalk 4.5 installations that are powered by an ASA database require certain utilities to access and maintain the database. OfficeTalk is shipped with ISQL which will allow you to execute SQL queries on your ASA database. However, to simplify matters, you may want to download Sybase Central with ASA utilities.

About Sybase Central
Sybase Central is a database management tool that provides Adaptive Server Anywhere database settings, properties, and utilities in a graphical user interface.

Installing Sybase central
Sybase Central is not shipped with OfficeTalk due to its large file size. You will need to download Sybase Central from the following location:


Once downloaded, you can run SybaseOT.msi this will install Sybase Central to the c:sybaseOT folder. Once complete, you can run Sybase Central from the OfficeTalk menu in the start menu.

Connecting to your OfficeTalk database
Follow the steps below to connect to your OfficeTalk database:

  1. Open Sybase Central.
  2. Choose the Tools > Connect menu.
  3. If a dialog prompts you to choose a plug-in, choose Adaptive Server Anywhere 9 and click OK.
  4. On the Identification tab, type dba in the user ID text box and sql in the password textbox. Now click on the database tab. In the Server name ComboBox, type the name of your OfficeTalk database server, this is normally otdb.
  5. Click OK.

You will now be connected to your OfficeTalk database, please refer to the Adaptive Server Anywhere documentation for help on ASA utilities, SQL syntax and various configuration options.

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