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How do I rebuild my OfficeTalk ASA database


  • OfficeTalk is suffering from a degradation in performance.
  • It is suspected that there might be a corruption in the OfficeTalk database.
  • There is a requirement to update the OfficeTalk database to the latest version of ASA.


Please download the ASA dbunload utility and follow the procedure described below.

More Info

Please note that to perform this procedure you must have at least as much free disk space as the size of your database. It is recommended that you have at least double this amount.


  1. Run the downloaded dbunload.msi file, and install to the following location:%ProgramFiles%OfficeTalk SQL Anywhere
  2. NB: In all instances of this FAQ referring to C:otalk (the default path of the database), if your database does not exist in this location, then you will need to perform the required action based on your path rather than that of the default. If you know not the path to this file, then you may obtain it by referring to the following FAQ: Finding the Location of your ASA Database File
  3. Navigate to C:otalk and create a subfolder named reload.
  4. Open the services applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools) and check that the following service is started – “”Adaptive Server Anywhere – OfficeTalk Service””.
  5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the %ProgramFiles%OfficeTalk SQL Anywhere folder (type cd “”%ProgramFiles%OfficeTalk SQL Anywhere\””). Type the following command as a single line (without line-breaks) and press enter. Note that the new database file will be placed in the path specified.

NB: The process can take a number of hours if your database is very large (a number of gigabytes).



  • When the database rebuild is complete, open the services applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools) and stop the following service – “”Adaptive Server Anywhere – OfficeTalk Service””.




  • Rename the original database file. Then move otsqldb.db contained in C:otalk
    eload into C:otalk (rename it to the original database name if your database name was not otsqldb.db).




  • Check to see if a log file exists in the same folder as the database. If one exists, rename the dbsqldb.log file to dbsqldb2.log.




  • Start the “”Adaptive Server Anywhere – OfficeTalk”” service from the Services applet once again.



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