What is alert 8375?


GMS failed to deliver a message to a remote server and is going to try sending the message again later. This alert gives details of the message that failed at this point in time. GMS will try again later (the default is every 12 minutes). If the message is not delivered after a given time (the default is a day) a warning is sent to the sender and the message will be returned if GMS is never able to deliver the message (by default after 3 days).

In this case, session Undefined was was processing a message to be delivered to the server Undefined (IP address Undefined). The local folder name is Undefined and the message is from Undefined to Undefined. The message is Undefined bytes in size and has been waiting for delivery in the outbound GMS queue for #p8#.#p9# seconds.

This is the correct result, no action is required by you.

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