What is alert 8328?


GMS has been trying to deliver email to a remote mail server but has been unable to. This alert indicates that the outbound queue may be stuck and require investigation. There are a large number of reasons that the queue could be stuck including

  • The remote mail server is not running;
  • The internet connection is not available;
  • You have required TLS or SSL connections and the remote server cannot provide them;
  • The network connection is transitory and does not allow the complete message to be delivered;
  • The remote mail server is not Internet Standards compliant and is therefore not accepting messages correctly.
  • The remote mail server may be deliberately blocking mail from you.

In this case session Undefined has noted that mail to Undefined may be blocked.

GMS will automatically retry sending email at regular intervals. This means that most transitory problems will be resolved automatically. If the message queues remain blocked it is worth checking the availabilty of the remote server. If you have a support contract you may wish to contact Gordano Support.

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