What is alert 8114?


GMS has returned an error to a remote server’s ETRN command because GMS has been configured to only accept messages encrypted by the secure socket layer (SSL ) from this remote system. No communication between the remote server/client and GMS will be possible until the remote server correctly negotiates a secure connection. GMS uses the standard secure transport specified in RFC2487 to ensure compatibility with other messaging servers.

In this case, session Undefined is processing a connection from Undefined. The remote server gave the SMTP command


GMS rejected the command with

530 Must issue a STARTTLS command first.

To resolve this problem, make sure that

  • GMS has the correct certificate installed;
  • the remote server or client conforms to the SSL or STARTTLS standard; and
  • the remote server or client is correctly configured.

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Keywords:STARTTLS SSL ETRN TURN RFC2487 RFC1985 8114

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