What is alert 8042?


GMS Secure Socket Layer has returned an error to the remote server’s (or client’s) HELO command because GMS has been configured to only accept messages encrypted by the secure socket layer (SSL ) from this remote system or client. No communication between the remote server/client and GMS will be possible until the remote server/client correctly negotiates a secure connection. GMS uses the standard secure transport specified in RFC2487 to ensure compatibility with other messaging servers.

In this case, session Undefined is processing a connection from Undefined which gave the SMTP command


GMS rejected the command with


To resolve this problem, make sure that

  • GMS has the correct certificate installed;
  • the remote server conforms to the SSL or STARTTLS standard; and
  • the remote server or client is correctly configured.

To help the administrator of the remote system, contact them and suggest that they implement a messaging server which implements Enhanced SMTP so that they can benefit from lower bandwidth and latency message transfers.

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