What is alert 8038?


This message was going to be delivered to an account with a maximum message size set in the profile. The message has exceeded the maximum message size so GMS did not deliver the message and has returned the message. If the client had implemented the Enhanced SMTP SIZE command, the attempt to send the message would have been rejected at the protocol stage instead of being transmitted to the server in its entirity first (and therefore wasting a considerable amount of bandwidth).

In this case, session Undefined was receiving a message from the client at Undefined apparently from Undefined to Undefined. The message was rejected with


The message was Undefined bytes in length and the maximum size is Undefined.

To resolve this issue, change the account’s maximum inbound message size in the account’s profile. Remember that attachments are encoded when appended to messages and increase in size by about 30%. For example, an attachment of 10MB will result in an email message about 13MB in size.

To reduce the waste of bandwidth causes by this failure, contact the manufacturer of the mail client and ask them to implement the ESMTP SIZE command.

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