What is alert 8035?


GMS Anti-Spam has run a Mail Meta Language (MML) script which has requested that this message should be rejected. All messages that pass through GMS may be processed by one or more MML scripts at this stage. Each script can cause the message to be delayed, rejected or continue through the normal delivery route. MML is a very powerful language that allows all sorts of changes and manipulation of the mail messages, for example: special headers can be added, attachments deleted, messages can be copied, etc. Some of GMS’s anti-spam functions use MML to perform the special filtering requirements. GMS saves resources by carrying out this check once per email message (and not for each recipient of the email message).

In this case, session Undefined was receiving a message from Undefined apparently from Undefined. The MML script at Undefined requested that this message be rejected with


If the MML script should not have prevented the message being delivered, you will need to identify what created the script and check the configuration. A range of scripts are available in Gordano’s Knowledge Base.

Please note that Gordano do not support user scripts.

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